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Why ecoRIDES?

ecoRIDES is a very different green transportation and environmentally sustainable driving company.

We are disrupting the traditional rideshare, taxi and limo marketplaces by offering a better rider experience, with electric vehicles supported by professionally trained drivers using apps for both the corporate and partner drivers.

Our culture, driver training and approach makes us different. We are one of a very few professional driving companies that use apps or corporate portals to book and manage your trips.

Our business is the safest and the most professional rider experience using Electric Vehicles. We understand duty of care for our passengers, artists, athletes, executive VIPs and the companies, institutions and governments who hire us for their transportation needs.

If you care about the environment and want to help, if you work for or with a company that has an environmental sustainability policy, or the company is a social enterprise, then you should be using ecoRIDES for your airport pickup or drop offs, events, InterCity and VIP transportation

ecoRIDES has provided thousands of rides for hundreds of customers. We are currently driving and providing transportation services for some of the very best high tech companies, engineering firms, construction companies, financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, universities and colleges, management consultants, lawyers, non government organizations (NGOs), charities and not for profits.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

ecoRIDES supports green procurement by reporting on the carbon emission reduction achieved by switching from traditional gas powered cars to electric vehicles. 


Ride in clean EV cars


ecoRIDES uses late model, luxury, electric cars that corporate and individual riders are excited to ride in as an alternative to traditional gas powered sedans. 


Apps for booking and receipts

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The ecoRIDES corporate portal works with our rider smartphone app for booking, billing and reporting, empowering travellers and their executive assistants. 


Book Your ecoRide

Contact 1.888.544.3357

to discuss special requests, corporate accounts or to book with a customer service team member. 


ecoRIDES Fleet

We were the first in Ontario, Canada and one of the few in North Amercian to use a completely eco-friendly, ZERO EMISSIONS fleet of Electric Vehicles.

We are part of the disruption of removing and replacing Internal combustion engines in the limo, car service and livery businesses.

We support the auto manufacturers that are leading the way to cleaner technologies and welcome the new EV models coming to market.

Our fleet is Tesla centric simply because the car and the charging infrastructure support our business model well.

We look forward adding Audi, VW, Porsche, Mercedes, Jaguar, Nissan and Hyundai as soon as they are in market.


Our Locations

ecoRIDES presently operates in Hamilton, Ottawa, Toronto, Oakville, Niagara Falls, Kitchener and Waterloo.
We are rapidly expanding into new cities through partnerships.

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ecoRIDES LA soon!


Coming Soon


Vancouver | New York | Connecticut

ecoRIDES App


Book an eco-RIDE quickly and securely with a simple, automated and consistent booking process.


Book a Ride or Get a Quote in under 60 seconds. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to manage all of your booking requests.



Review driver profile, remaining trip distance and the expected arrival time.



Live action real-time map allows riders to track their booking from dispatch location to final destination.



Keep in touch with the driver by making a live phone call or sending an SMS.



All major credit, debit and pre-payment cards accepted. Receipts are available via email.



Receive a complete view of all your past trip details including pick-up & drop-off address, date, time, distance, and fare.

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Drive with ecoRIDES

ecoRIDES offers a unique driving experience. Other ride share platforms are busiest serving late night bar crowds and delivering short distance taxi style rides. In contrast, ecoRIDES targets corporate buyers for longer distance chauffeured rides. Professional passengers are clean, respectful and courteous. Their employers buy from ecoRIDES because of our premium rider experience, and to deliver on their own corporate environmental and social responsibility commitments. 


ecoPARTNER - Professional Chauffeur Service

ecoRIDES is committed to providing the very best chauffeured ride experience. This means that we look for independent operators who:

  • keep their vehicle clean inside and out

  • have a safe official driving record, and exhibit safe and smooth driving habits everyday

  • dress professionally

  • carry guests' luggage and open passengers' doors

  • read social queues to either engage in conversation or maintain a quiet space for working or resting

  • arrive on-time, every-time

Most ecoRIDES dispatches are prearranged, meaning you know your work schedule in advance of starting your day. 

ecoRIDES pays a percentage of base fares, and passes 100% of in-app gratuities to ecoPARTNERs. This combined with typically longer distance rides makes ecoRIDES one of the best paying ride-share options available. 


ecoPARTNER - Occasional / Special Event Team

Not looking to participate in the ride share economy full-time? No Problem, we still want to hear from you!

ecoRIDES is regularly invited to participate in conferences, sporting events, national championships, golf tournaments, charity events and electric vehicle industry showcases.

Each of these represent a need to temporarily increase our capacity.

Our flexible insurance product allows you to be covered whether you drive 1 or 100 times in a month. 


New Market Leadership

ecoRIDES is rapidly expanding to new cities, and thus is recruiting the most elite of potential partners to take leadership roles. We often hear that individual entrepreneurs have had the idea of using premium electric cars as limousines, but have not yet been able to execute on the idea. Partnering with ecoRIDES will allow you to leverage our brand, technology, training, and know-how to launch a successful local business. If you have the entrepreneurial drive, network and access to capital required to be the very first ecoPARTNER in a new city, please contact us.